Alopecia - the partial or total loss of hair - can be extremely upsetting for those who suffer from it. The condition can hit anyone at any time in their lives, although it is usually more prevalent in teenagers and young adults. No-one is quite sure exactly why it happens, although it's thought to be related to the immune system attacking the body's own tissues through shock, stress, viruses, infection, medicines and even sunlight.

Whatever the cause, the fact is that when bald patches start to appear on a person's head, eyebrows or eyelashes they can become confused and distressed and their confidence can take a dramatic dive.

A solution for loss of facial hair

While people may change their hairstyles or wear hairpieces to cover up bald patches on their heads, obviously loss of facial hair can't be tackled so easily. However, permanent cosmetics offer a very attractive solution. Alopecia sufferers are often amazed at how effective eyebrow reconstruction and eyelash replacement can be using permanent cosmetics. By applying hair strokes or doing a powdered brow, the client's eyebrows can be enhanced to appear extremely natural, while eyeliners can be used to "open" the eyes. So now alopecia sufferers don't need to suffer any more.

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