Bespoke Lashes

Introducing a new dimension for your eyes

Bespoke lashes are tailored by Donna to each client, lashes are cut by hand and carefully placed one lash at a time.Also available in silk and mink.

Transform your lashes with our new Bespoke Lashes Extensions - to give you longer, fuller and very natural looking lashes that will last for up to 2 months.

Using state-of-the-art techniques we apply one lash at a time onto your existing lashes to give you beautiful, lush lashes that will look and feel completely natural. And you don't have to compromise - you can shower, exercise, swim without a care in the world. With over 5 years experience applying our bespoke lashes, treatment time is usually under 1 hour.

Bespoke Lashes are also perfect for weddings and all special occasions - not only will you look your best, but you can also shed a few tears safe in the knowledge that you won't end up with smeared panda eyes!

What is the difference between Bespoke Lashes and traditional false eyelashes?

  Bespoke Lashes Traditional False Lashes
Adhesive formula Soft & weightless Hard
Adhesive life Permanent 3-7 days
Application technique Unique to Bespoke Lashes - does not touch skin Touches skin / unpleasant
Lash appearance Totally natural Obviously false
Number applied Approximately 60 Lashes knotted together
Damage to lashes None Can cause premature fallout
Lasting duration Up to 2 months 3-7 days
Comfort Weightless Uncomfortable due to hard glue

No-one's too posh for Bespoke Lashes!

Victoria Beckham recently visited Strip Salon in London where she had Bespoke Lashes applied for her appearance at the "Pride of Britian" awards screened on BBC Television.

Victoria was said to be delighed with the results and has returned a couple of times since for her top-ups.

More media coverage

"Natural full-on eyelashes, with rumours that Naomi Campbell and Jennifer Lopez are fans, it's the hieght of celeb chic." (Real)

"Lash Extensions. Who wouldn't want more luscious eyelashes? Full, longer and tear proof, they last for up to 2 months." (The Vogue List)

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